All About Me

I am Mistress Salome, a pro-domme since 2015, experienced fetishist and lover of roleplay from my earliest years. I had my apprenticeship in the Dungeons of Mistress Tosca, where I became a preferred domme for a diverse group of subs. I am dominant by nature and men and women from all walks of life respond with total obedience and the insatiable desire to serve. 

I left Tosca's dungeon so that I could grow my own practice, which features a wide repertoire of looks, scenarios, and a horde of loyal, groveling followers. Becoming an independent Mistress was inevitable for someone as driven and controlling as I, and business is booming. I've appeared at dungeons, parties, and corporate events around the globe, meeting dedicated slaves, fellow Mistresses and most of all, opera lovers. 

I am a classically-trained singer and had my first role in the world premiere of  THREE WAY with Nashville Opera in January, 2017. If you were naughty and missed that, you still have chance to avoid being punish by witnessing the New York Premiere of THREE WAY, June 15-18, 2017.

In addition to singing, I also enjoy writing poetry, visiting museums, and filmmaking—especially movies that depict me engaged in power play and fetish situations. I've been very lucky to be able to combine business and pleasure.