Understand one thing: Your weakness gives me power. Your pain is my joy. When I dominate you—physically, psychologically, emotionally—it releases my deepest erotic energies. The play in our sessions can range from soft and teasing to viciously hard. I can transform from gentle to cruel in a matter of seconds. 

Maybe you consider yourself a tough guy or a no-b.s. lady: I will break you. I will gain control of your body and, eventually, your mind. My tools include forced feminization and cross dressing, verbal abuse, corporal punishment and more extreme forms of coercion. If you want a graphic example of how I'll make you submit and beg for more, you should see the new opera THREE WAY, with Nashville Opera and American Opera Projects, which features yours truly.

Theatricality is in my blood, and I have the wigs, costumes and props to make my lurid, dramatic fantasies come true. I've been called Jennifer Lawrence of BDSM for my acting abilities and taste for extremes. Be warned: I will not role-play with low-energy subs.

I am a born sadist and relish corporal sessions. If you are not into pain, we must explore other interests. If you are a masochist you should contact me soon! Ideally you will be able to take marks. I do take my sub's personal life into consideration, and can engage in flogging, cropping, and spanking that will leave minimal marking. 

My attire changes depending on the session and my mood. I sometimes wear rubber or latex bodysuits, skimpy lingerie or "regular" street clothes. Sometimes I dress like an Opera Diva, or a stern schoolteacher, or maybe your boss. If you have a wardrobe request let me know. Although I prefer leather and period outfits, I will occasionally choose lingerie or rubber. Even if you were to meet me on the street, you'd unconsciously think: avenging angel or wrathful goddess. If you have a character request, let me know.

You will find that I stay fit and strong through workouts. Be careful if you choose to test my endurance for flogging, paddling and various other intensive activities. Sometimes a sub thinks that if she or he goes to the extreme of submissiveness, it will tire out the dom. You don't want to test me. Besides my regular workout regimen, I engage in various martial disciplines such as krav maga, jiu jitsu and capoeira. As you'll see below, I don't do "switch" sessions. I am the top. Always.


  • Switch sessions
  • Smothering in lingerie. I only offer this if I'm wearing a latex or leather outfit. 
  • Wrestling

You come to me. I work out of my private dungeon.  In advance relationships with long-term subs, I will consider outcalls and group play. 

If you are interested in a session send me an email detailing your fantasies and experience. Include your phone number so that I can conduct a brief interview with you before we go any further. New clients must provide a reference from another slave or Mistress of good repute. 

I am available for session from 10am-10pm, most weekdays, but do not accept same-day appointments. Contact me at least 24 hours in advance. Clients will be instructed to confirm session via email before 9am on the day of the appointment.

Hygiene is important, and I expect clients to arrive washed and groomed, with a neutral smell on body and breath, not wearing cologne. If we make other arrangements regarding scent play, this condition may change. Otherwise, show up clean but ready to get dirty.